Providing Free Education to Doctors, Nurses, Patient Advocates and all Medical Professionals!

It is so important for all members of a patient's medical team to be educated on the latest research, discoveries and treatment options for all stages of prostate cancer.  The free Medical Professionals Education Program, discusses the Multidisciplinary Care of Prostate Cancer and provides an overview of the new treatment options for the disease.  PCEC brings in leading urologists in prostate cancer research, urology nurses and patient advocates to host these informational and engaging seminars throughout the country.  This program helps ensure that not only doctors but all members of a patient's medical team are up-to-date on the newest findings in prostate cancer ensuring that they are providing the most current and best care possible.


Early detection saved my life.  More men need to know about their risk, and their opportunities to get screened.

~ Keith Wegen, prostate cancer survivor

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