Prostate Conditions Education Council encourages men to Know Your Numbers!  Men should know their PSA blood test value at their next health screening, just as they would their cholesterol or blood pressure. 

Men should be informed of the risks and benefits of prostate cancer screening, biopsies and treatment options.  The decision for prostate cancer screening, diagnosis and treatment should be discussed with a healthcare professional and should take into account risk factors and personal preferences. 

A prostate cancer screening involves a Prostate Specific Antigen (PSA) blood test and a Digital Rectal Exam (DRE).

Men should know that there are many choices and variables in determining if they need a prostate biopsy following a screening exam and that there are many treatment options, including active surveillance of the disease, if prostate cancer is found.

KnowYourNumbers cardPCEC supplies all PCAW screening sites with a Know Your Numbers Tracker Card.  This wallet size card allows men to track multiple test results over an extended period of time to quickly and easily see if your health has changed. 

Please visit our Site Finder for a screening near you or to request your own Know Your Numbers Tracker Card email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Early detection saved my life.  More men need to know about their risk, and their opportunities to get screened.

~ Keith Wegen, prostate cancer survivor

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