Date: September 19, 2012

Description: The detection of prostate cancer relies primarily on abnormal digital rectal examination or increased serum prostate specific antigen concentration. However, low positive predictive values result in many men with increased prostate specific antigen and/or suspicious digital rectal examination having a negative biopsy. We investigated the value of the PCA3 (prostate cancer gene 3) urine test in predicting the likelihood of diagnosis of cancer before biopsy.

Prostate cancer is a disease that is most successfully treated when it is detected early on.  As the research community explores various methods to detecting the disease, PCEC continues to encourage men to play an active role in their health by looking to those trusted sources of prostate cancer testing – the PSA and DRE.

~Dr. E. David Crawford
Head of the Urologic Oncology Department at the University of Colorado Health Sciences Center
Founder/Chairman of PCEC

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