The Prostate Cancer Torch and Fighting Prostate Cancer, One Man at a Time provides an opportunity to bring awareness and education to rural communities the United States and Canada.  As the epic motorcycle ride throughout the Great Lakes region and Canada bringing awareness to the importance of early detection of prostate cancer.

John was diagnosed with Advanced Prostate Cancer at the young age of 49.  Since 2003 John has lived with the diagnosis of stage IV prostate cancer and experienced several treatments for the disease including: Chemotherapies, radiation, hormone therapy and many others.

John has dedicated a great portion of his life to helping others and raising awareness for the disease from his work with the Prostate Conditions Education Council to running a local prostate cancer support group held at the University of Colorado Hospital.  

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Prostate cancer is a disease that is most successfully treated when it is detected early on.  As the research community explores various methods to detecting the disease, PCEC continues to encourage men to play an active role in their health by looking to those trusted sources of prostate cancer testing – the PSA and DRE.

~Dr. E. David Crawford
Head of the Urologic Oncology Department at the University of Colorado Health Sciences Center
Founder/Chairman of PCEC

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