Skate For Prostate

skate chop2At age 44, Keith Wegen knew something wasn’t right with his health.  After a series of unsuccessful tests, Keith demanded answers and finally saw a doctor that was willing to give him a prostate screening and he was sadly diagnosed with prostate cancer.  Had he not followed his intuition and demanded all tests regardless of his age, his aggressive tumor would have most likely killed him before the age of 50, when most men begin testing.  During his days in the hospital, he felt a call to make a difference in the way people think about prostate cancer and early detection. Keith’s passion for inline skating, his long-standing intensity for helping others, and his prostate cancer diagnosis united and the Skate For Prostate idea was born.  This program is dedicated to support and educate Colorado men on the importance of early detection.  After inline skating across Colorado in 2012, Keith tackled Texas in 2013! Follow Keith as he skates to raise awareness and funds for the early detection of prostate cancer!