Marcelo Balboa

MarceloBalboaNational Soccer Hall of Famer Marcelo Balboa has teamed up with the Prostate Conditions Education Council (PCEC) to encourage men to take an active role in helping to protect their prostate health and Major League Soccer games around the country.  Marcelo has a personal interest in prostate cancer as his grandfather suffered from the disease. He is urging men 40 and over and those who also have a family history of prostate cancer to talk to their doctors about screening options, and if diagnosed, to draft an all-star multidisciplinary treatment team consisting of a urologist, medical oncologist and a radiation oncologist for the best defensive and offensive strategy against prostate cancer.

"My grandfather did not know about the need for prostate cancer screening, but my dad and I do. I urge all men to take charge of their own health and ask their doctors about screening options."

National Soccer Hall of Famer
ESPN Commentator
Two-Time Captain – U.S. Soccer Team